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The General brand was originally established in Drummondville, QC, Canada back in 1946. We started the business by manufacturing heavy-duty, high-quality woodworking machines, and grew that business substantially in the Canadian market over the next 40 years. We then expanded into the very competitive U.S. market and gained distribution to become a major quality brand in North America. General has always taken pride in producing better machines, better accessories, and innovative new products. We have received numerous awards from industry publications and a strong reputation in our users’ eyes.

The GENERAL INTERNATIONAL brand was launched in 1996. This line of high-quality import machinery is more than just the stock offerings from other manufacturers. In fact, most GENERAL INTERNATIONAL brand products are made to our specifications by our overseas manufacturing partners in Asia, primarily in Taiwan.

In May 2014, DMT acquired General/General International headquartered in Montreal, and with it, the General products brand name that had been established in 1946. In the world of professional and serious hobby woodworkers, one aspires to someday own a General product. General brand products are considered to be the pinnacle of quality in the woodworking and metalworking machinery industry. Made in Asia to exacting specifications, General International products are then sold and distributed through a well-established network of woodworking and metalworking machinery distributors and dealers in Canada, the U.S. and around the world, providing the company with a solid business base. In the product categories in which it participates, and within its customer base, General International enjoys a market share of 60% in Canada and 25% in the U.S.

We design and build with a “make it to last” philosophy. Wherever possible, we opt for higher-quality motors, bearings and other wearing parts. And when compared to other brands, you’ll generally notice less plastic and more steel or cast-iron on General International machines.

We work with our manufacturing partners to meet or exceed all safety standards in order to offer you some of the safest products on the market today. All of our products are safety-approved by CSA or CSA International for use everywhere in North America, or where applicable, CE approved for use in Europe. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, each machine is inspected and approved for shipment on the factory floor by our own engineers.

Whether working wood is a pastime or a profession, we invite you to explore our complete line of products designed to help make you a better woodworker. And, if you haven’t done so already, consider putting some of our General International machinery into your shop and see what a difference General International can make for your work.

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The Excalibur name has been synonymous with high-quality, reliable products within the woodworking industry since 1982.

Since adding the “Excalibur – The Ultimate Woodworking System” brand to our line-up in the spring of 2006, we continue to be humbled and amazed at the incredible customer loyalty enjoyed by the Excalibur brand.

Be it scroll saws, sliding table systems, over-arm blade guards, Merlin splitters, the Osborne miter gauge, or our new line of Excalibur deluxe router tables, our customers appreciate the quality and engineering that have gone into creating all of the user-friendly Excalibur products. Experiencing one of our products often leads to others being brought into the shop as well!

Excalibur products have always been conceived and built with you, the user, in mind. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, looking to increase safety, productivity and/or convenience, an Excalibur product will help in taking your work to that next level that we all strive to achieve.

As with all General International products, we continue to build on the legacy of experience and knowledge, to grow the product line and make improvements whenever good suggestions or practical ideas are put forward. The 2011 expansion of the Excalibur line into the router table market is a great example. And by working with our global manufacturing partners, we continue to take advantage of the economies of scale afforded us, to help reduce costs without compromising quality or functionality.

Ultimately, our goal is to make the Excalibur brand not only affordable, but practical, usable and relevant to the experience of today’s woodworkers.

The reputation for quality and reliability of the Excalibur brand is in good hands, and you can continue to look for “Excalibur by General International” products in stores wherever quality woodworking tools and accessories are sold.

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General CNC

Supported by our fast-growing North American dealer network, General CNC i-Carver series machines are ideal for cabinet shops, furniture builders, sign shops, and advanced hobbyists who are looking to add value to their work by including 2D or 3D carvings. General CNC machines are designed for those who are looking for a rugged, low-maintenance, easy-to-use CNC solution. Our i-Carvers will help to bring out your creative side and allow you to easily and inexpensively produce one-of-a-kind products, without requiring hundreds of hours of specialized training. Applications such as decorative work on doors and cabinets, carvings in furniture, inlay work, moldings, fireplace mantles, carved signs, 3D logos, shapes and letters in wood, MDF, plastics and high-density foams are now within everyone’s reach and budget! Our engineers are hard at work, designing and developing new innovative CNC solutions for today’s modern shops, so check back regularly for new models.

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“General International makes great woodworking machinery – it would be great if you offered metalworking machinery too.”

Thanks to customer feedback like this, since our first metal cutting bandsaw was introduced in 2001, we have gradually grown our line-up of Metalworking machinery and can help you accomplish a multitude of operations in your machine shop.

Because our customers demand it, the same quality, durability, competitive pricing and commitment to service that you have come to expect from General and General International Woodworking Machinery, is also built into every one of our Metalworking machines.

These no nonsense, full-featured machines are designed with small to medium sized machine shops in mind. We know that when space, personnel and budgets are limited, you need accuracy, performance and reliability in your machinery more than ever. And, our machines are designed and built to do more than just meet a price point – they are designed to help you get the job done quickly and accurately, time after time.

For complete details of features and specifications of the various products, click on the buttons for the productcategories that interest you on this page.

Our selection of product offerings continues to increase with demand and new products are being added regularly, so be sure to check back with us from time to time.

To purchase or to obtain a quote, please consult our distributor list to find and contact a distributor near you.

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