Can I buy direct from the factory?

As a manufacturer/importer we are not a retail outlet and as such neither our plant nor our distribution center are adequately equipped to serve the general public for their retail machinery needs. We do, however, have a growing list of distributors who would be happy to help you obtain any General, General International or Excali-bur by General International product. To find one near you, please check out the distributor locator by clicking on the button “Distributors” from the menu above. From the drop-down list, click on your region and take note of the name, number and location of the distributors you may wish to contact

How can I get a price quote on your products?

All General, General International and Excalibur by General International products are sold through our network of stocking distributors across North America. Any of our stocking distributors will be happy to quote you pricing in the correct currency, including any applicable shipping or delivery charges and local sales taxes.You can also download a copy of our current 8 page promotional brochure being offered by our stocking distributors right from our website. Simply click on the big “promotions” button on the upper left hand portion of the main welcome page and then select the applicable version (depending on your location) which will show pricing in the correct currency. You’ll notice that the brochure offers a wide selection of our newest or most popular items. For any items not shown on the brochure that may be of interest to you, please feel free to contact your local distributor or let us know what you’re looking for – and please don’t forget to tell us where you’re writing from so we know which currency to quote you in.

How do I order parts?

Your local distributor who would have sold you your machine should be your first and probably best source for all replacement parts, service, and accessories questions.

To get parts for any General or General International machine start by contacting the dealer who sold you the unit. If you require further assistance or have trouble identifying the parts you need, our parts dept. will be happy to talk to you and help in any way they can. To contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail, check our “Contact” page to choose whichever method is most practical for you.