General’s Air Filtration System

| #10-2000

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  • NEW Patented Pending SMART™ infrared dust sensor control system which could detect more than 1-micron particles in the air, such as cigarette smoke, house dust, mold, pollen, and spores, etc.
  • Four-layer filtration system: An electrostatic filter, an eight-bag inner filter, and a diffuser filter, PM2.S filter(optional) –combine to remove 99% of all particles 5 microns in size and 85% of particles 1 micron in size.
  • Optional activated carbon filtration layer and HEPA filtration layer.
  • Intellectual controlled Air filter system with a remote control which has a built-in timer with 1-24 hours settings.
  • When the running time reaches the preset value, the display screen will light up the indicator that prompts the user to change the filter element. The user can regularly observe the dust condition of the outer initial filter element according to the prompt or by himself to clean or replace it.
  • Scope of application: carpentry, food, metallurgy, textile, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, electroplating, mineral processing, petroleum, dye, light industry, and other industries.
  • The specially developed external structure can be both lifted and flat wised, suitable for various occasions. It can solve the problem of insufficient space and inconvenient arrangement.
  • Specially designed ultraviolet lamps and plasma sterilizers can eliminate viruses and bacteria in the gas more It is specially used in various occasions with high sanitary requirements or dark, damp, and poor ventilation.


Item No: 10-2000


Motor: 1/3HP, 110V, 60Hz,1P H

Outer Filter: 5 Microns

Inner Filter: 1 Micron

Sound Rating @ 3FT : High speed 74dB, Medium speed 64dB, Low speed 60dB

Air Flow: High speed 1750C FM, Medium speed 1300C FM, Low speed 880C FM

Filter Cycle: 1.9 per minute

Cycles per Hour (20’X20’X8′) : 32.2

Overall Dimensions (LXWXH) 44″X24%  “X20/”(11 20x620x5 15mm)

Weight(N.W/G.W): 108 is Ibs(49.15kg/1161 bs(52.65 kg)



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