General’s Award-Winning SMART™ Automated Table Saw Now Available in the U.S.

The table saw, which was recently commended by WOOD® Magazine, is one of several new products from General to incorporate industry-leading technology.

General, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of benchtop and commercial-grade woodworking equipment, is pleased to announce that its new Automated Table Saw featuring the company’s patent-pending SMART™ technology is now available for purchase at select retailers across the U.S. The Automated Table Saw, as well as General’s new air filtration systems, recently earned accolades from WOOD® Magazine. As part of the magazine’s Innovate Awards 2021, the editors recognized these products as some of the best on the market today, offering superior quality and ingenuity.

General’s new Automated Table Saw offers unprecedented automation capabilities designed for maximum precision cutting. Using a SMART digital keypad located on the front of the fence, users can easily program the desired blade depth and angle before letting the saw handle the rest. The fence is also automated and controlled by the same keypad. Once the fence is zeroed out, users can plug in any cut dimension and with the simple push of a button, the saw creates the precise rip cut needed. The Automated Table Saw is particularly helpful for repetitive cuts: one touch of the button will adjust the fence to exactly where the user wants it. This innovative saw has both height and tilt powered blade adjustments, and is available in four iterations of different sizes, left-tilting angles ranging from zero to 45 degrees, 36- and 52-inch rip capacities, and three and five horsepowers.

To enhance users’ capabilities with their existing table saws, General has also released a SMART Table Saw Retro Fence, which is the first digital, automated consumer table saw fence system on the market. The fence mounts to any table saw of 27 to 30-inch table depth and is available in both 36 and 52-inch rip capacities depending on users’ preferences and shop sizes.

The Automated Table Saw and SMART Table Saw Retro Fence are among several newly released General products that incorporate the latest technology. For example, WOOD Magazine’s Innovate Awards also recognized General’s new air filtration systems, which feature a SMART infrared dust sensor control system. By constantly monitoring air quality and filtering out particles as small as .03 microns in size, these systems enable users to keep their work environments safe, clean and healthy. General has released SMART ceiling-mounted air filtration systems, as well as a similar unit that stands on the floor and can be conveniently transported to different worksites.

As General continuously strives to combine state-of-the-art technology with time-tested quality, the company is eager to release several innovative products in 2021. For more than 70 years, General has been establishing itself as one of the leading woodworking and metalworking machinery brands in North America, offering a vast assortment of equipment and accessories for contractors, home enthusiasts and commercial cabinet businesses. As one of the only companies in the industry that owns the factories in which its equipment is manufactured, General is able to produce superior products at a more economical price. To learn more, visit