General Wins Three Pro Tool Innovation Awards (PTIA)

General is thrilled to announce that we recently received three Pro Tool Innovation Awards (PTIA) in the 2021 Woodworking and Carpentry categories! In a competitive year when the PTIA program received its largest number of submissions since its inception in 2013, we were honored that our SMART Air Filtration System, SMART Dual Action Switch Dust Collectors, and 850-Series Cabinet Table Saw were recognized for their quality and innovation.

In today’s crowded market of hand tools, power tools, and accessories, the PTIA program seeks to acknowledge those products that provide excellent value, advanced features, and the newest innovations. Submissions are judged by a panel of tradesmen with decades of experience and media professionals who specialize in construction-related tools. As of 2021, Woodworking and Carpentry is a new award category that was created to recognize tools that incorporate the latest technology. Other categories include Outdoor Power Equipment, Workwear and Safety, Cordless Power Tools, and many others.

Here are some of the features of our products highlighted by the PTIA judges:

  • SMART Floor Air Filtration System 10-1440. Featuring a cylindrical shape that allows the unit to collect particles from 360 degrees, the SMART Floor Air Filtration System is highly effective at clearing smoke, dust, pollen, mold, and other particles more than 1 micron in size. The unit includes charcoal and HEPA filters to take filtration to an even higher level. With fingertip controls for the hourly timer and three different fan speeds—as well as an infrared sensor that will automatically turn the unit on when it senses dust in the air, adjust the speed depending on the amount of dust and then turn itself off when it senses the dust is gone—this product makes it easy for users to keep the air in their shops clean.
  • SMART Dual Action Switch Dust Collectors. While tool-activated power has long been used in portable vacuums, our SMART Dual Action Switch Dust Collectors have brought it to those installed in the shop. The collectors turn on in sync with the tool, and remain on for six seconds to clear the line once the tool is turned off—which is far more convenient than having to walk back and forth to a switch, while also reducing the overall noise level in the shop.
  • 850-Series SMART Cabinet Table Saw. Offering unprecedented accuracy and repeatability for cuts, our 850-Series SMART Table Saw allows users digital control over the precise blade height and angle. Fence control is also digitally controlled, giving users confidence that the setup is exactly how they want it. As the PTIA judges noted, these features—as well as the multiple power and size options available—make this “a serious table saw for pros that demand perfect results.”

To learn more about these award-winning products and see other PTIA winners in the Woodworking and Carpentry category, visit!