General Products Win Awards from WOOD® Magazine

General is pleased to announce that the editors of WOOD® Magazine, a leading industry publication, have named some of our latest products as among the best new woodworking tools and accessories in the market. As part of the magazine’s Innovate Awards 2021, the editors commended our new air filtration systems and digital table saw for their quality and ingenuity. Using our patent-pending SMART™ technology, these products enable users to work more safely and efficiently, while easily keeping their environments clean and healthy.The air filtration systems highlighted by WOOD Magazine feature our SMART infrared dust sensor control system, which is designed to constantly monitor air quality and filter out the dust particles and other contaminants that can create a mess—and even pose a health risk—in the workshop. Capable of detecting particles as small as .03 microns in size, the system has an “AUTO” mode for keeping the air clean. When AUTO mode is selected, a laser sensor will assess the air quality, turn the machine on and adjust fan speed according to how many particles are detected, and shut itself off once the air has been sufficiently cleaned. Our Model 10-1000 and 10-2000 air cleaners are mounted on the ceiling and feature LED lighting on the bottom of the unit to conveniently illuminate the workspace below, as well as an LCD screen on the back that displays an air quality scale. Optional HEPA filters and an activated carbon filtration layer are also available to maximize air purification.Floor Air Filtration SystemOur Model 10-1440 air filtration system stands on the floor and contains most of the same features as the ceiling-mounted units, including the SMART dust sensor control system. In addition to AUTO mode, this model also features a manual mode that allows users to set a timer to run the system for between one and twelve hours at three different speeds. The unit has casters and a folding handle, allowing it to be easily transported to different worksites. The Model 10-1440 cleans the air with a two-stage filtration system that includes a replaceable interior filter and washable outer filter, as well as a remote control to manually operate the three speeds and the built-in timer.

Another General product that earned accolades from WOOD Magazine is our digital table saw, which offers unprecedented automation capabilities using SMART technology. A digital touchscreen on the front of the fence allows users to program the blade height and angle and control the automated fence. Once the fence is zeroed out, users can program any cut dimension, and with the simple push of a button, the saw creates the exact rip cut needed. Repeatable functions and settings may also be programmed using the touchscreen. This innovative new table saw is available in four iterations of different sizes, left-tilting angles ranging from zero to 45 degrees, 36- and 52-inch rip capacities, and three and five horsepowers.850 M1In addition to the accolades from WOOD Magazine, General is proud to have received numerous awards from industry publications over our many decades in business. As we continue to design new products, we strive to incorporate state-of-the-art technology to help users work smarter and more efficiently. The SMART air filtration systems and digital table saw are among several innovative new products that we recently released, and in early 2021, we are excited to announce that we will be introducing additional products that will feature industry-leading technology. To learn more about our products, visit